Some of the Questions to Ask Yourself if You are Thinking About Starting a Business

Yes or No?

Once you have done your research and know the kind of business you want to create as well as why you have chosen it and what it can do for customers, it is time to move into the testing phase. This is Beta Research, double assurance you are on the right track, or possibly the flip side could turn out to be true. That maybe you should reconsider this particular business venture?

Which Path is the Path?

Something can look good on paper, but in reality might be that it is not your best choice. But how do you know which way to go if you have never had a business before? This is not an easy question to answer, because there are no absolutes. There are different aspects that need to be clarified in order for you to decide which direction to go.

How are You Different from the Competition?

There are a couple of things to think about. First off, what is your relationship, in terms of knowledge and experience, with the category of business you want to start? Also, do you have something special about how you are approaching this category that will help you have an edge on others?

It is all About Timing

Do you have an exciting perk to your wares that your competition does not? Are you clear on who your customer is and where to find this kind of person? Have you figured out the METHOD HOW to locate your ideal customer so you can offer to them your products/services? What is the METHOD HOW to reach them at the moment when they want to buy?