DIGITAL: Do You Really Need Digital Marketing? This Will Help You Decide!

Some of you might be wondering why we have deemed this a “controversial” post. The answer is really quite easy. You see, the word “Digital” in the realm of online business and marketing is the term “Digital Marketing.” What it generally means is that any business promoting done online is Digital Marketing. And there are two primary marketing categories that factor in the specifics for most people in the business. Social Media and Ads. These two marketing methods are probably the most important components in the mind of a Digital Marketer. That said, the controversy in this article is that it has nothing in it about Social Media, nor is it recommending that you buy expensive ads on Social and Search.

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On DIGITAL! A Certain Kind that is

A thriving business is the goal of most Home Business Achievers. Because, after all, if not that why bother even starting a Home Business? But the next question the many Home Business Achievers out there tend to think next is, what is the best way to get traffic to your site? And the answer for most people is, yes, you got it…Digital Marketing and Social Media. But therein lies the problem and controversy. The reality is that most Home Business Achievers, especially those just getting started, do not have the hundreds or even thousands or more in their budget for Digital Marketing. to spend for promotion and marketing. And since most emerging entrepreneurs who want to be able to promote what they do, tend to bank on social media to be a free way to get started. “Free” as a concept is open to interpretation. If you think of Social Media as free marketing, it is important to simultaneously look at how many hours you put into building it. Are you making enough with your new Home Business to justify the hours you are putting into social? One of the biggest reasons that many have to say “No” to that question, is because they are aware that as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to enter new territory with campaigns because the social sites would rather you buy their ads instead of giving you good reach to, well, reach potential. So what is a rising Home Business Achiever to do?

Have You Heard? Organic DIGITAL Is Your Best Bet To Grow

But wait, you might be thinking, why is the above title title saying “Organic Digital” is a good solution. Did we not just talk about the lack of reach that social can have, unless you buy ads? Indeed we did. But the moral of the story is that if all you can afford is organic marketing and not the paid kind, there still are other ways for you to succeed. And now, please do not judge us, we must go to prepare for an info strategy that we are doing with 9 other websites of the 57 blogs of the Blog Coalition. Our marketing collaboration will be available at not cost for those Home Businesses Achievers are a fit with the “U.S. in Need” profile. What is the “Method How” to be sure you know when the limited run of info strategies will be made available, either check back here, or, see if “Method How” has become a reality yet. “Method How,” although without a hub here online, is the force behind that subject matter we are communicating about.