Help is Given

Sometimes AI can help with this. Sometimes not. But an approach to life and work we have available to us is to engage in a process in which help is given.

AI Do Good or Human Do Good with Story?

Story is powerful. Humans have told humans stories since ancient times. Gathering around the campfire to share tales, either make believe ones about magical things or a sharing of the day’s life and work. We as human beings relate to story because we ourselves are living a story. We share our stories with others on […]

‘To Leverage You’ in a Time where We Seek that ‘AI Do Good’

Unlocking Potential and Driving Progress In an era where technology and human potential intertwine more intricately than ever, and one in which we are in the pursuit of ‘AI Do Good’, the concept of leveraging individual capabilities has become a cornerstone of both personal and and business success. Best Solution? The phrase “To Leverage You […]

Harnessing AI for Community Building: A Roadmap to Positive Impact

Building Communities with AI: What’s the Core Benefit? Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence is more than just technological advancement; it’s a commitment to using AI for the greater good. This principle guides us to enhance human capabilities, address societal challenges, and drive innovation and development in various sectors, including the Arts, Business, and Education. […]

You Use AI Toward the Goal of AI Do Good

By integrating AI in these meaningful and sustainable ways, businesses can ensure that their growth aligns with a larger vision of societal betterment and well-being.

When You Use AI Video Tools You can Build Awareness for Important “AI Do Good” Messages with Fun Phrases Like “Are you an AIdogooder or an AIdobadder?”

1. Crafting the Quintessential Message with AI Video ToolsAs the clock ticks down to the “AI Do Good Awards” on New Year’s Eve, AI Video Tools are proving to be instrumental. Through these tools, the event is weaving a narrative that doesn’t just talk about products or services but champions a mission: “AI Do Good”. […]

AI Way to Boost Your Small Business Using an “AI Do Good” 1 Minute Video in an AI Powered Campaign in Order to Advocate for a Cause Close to Your Brand

Having 1 Minute of Video in Your Campaign Can Make a Big Difference Branding has always been the cornerstone of business success. It’s the identity that defines a company and differentiates it from the competition. In our current digital era, the notion of brand has evolved beyond logos, taglines, and aesthetics. Today, brand encapsulates purpose, […]

“AI Do Good: Proactive and Effective Marketing for Baby Boomers”

In the realm of AI-powered marketing, the mantra “AI Do Good” is swiftly gaining momentum. The focus here is using AI not just for data-driven decision making, but as a tool that empowers businesses to proactively meet the needs of their customers and create a positive impact. Two critical aspects of the “AI Do Good” […]

HAA Move from “AI Do Good” to “Be Good AI”

In a pivotal shift that promises to redefine the landscape of AI and human interface, the prominent AI advocacy group “Humanity’s AI Advocates” (HAA) has announced its strategic migration from to This move is seen as a necessary step in their pursuit of advancing the broader social implications of artificial intelligence. While this […]

AI Do Good with Referral Marketing

AI Do Good Because there are Many Entrepreneurs Who Deserve A Steady Stream of Customers Integrating the “AI Do Good” initiative throughout the implementation of referral programs can enhance the impact of these programs and ultimately result in a more effective system. It does not matter if it is the Over 50 USA or those […]