Living the “Home Business Digital” American Dream of Offering Learning Based Digital Products Does Not Mean You Have to Be an Expert

If You are Comfortable with it, Pick the Side that Needs Your Solution the Most

Home Business Digital “Success” can Come from Analyzing the 4th of July

A lot of people think that the 4th of July only symbolizes the “Independence” of “Independence Day” and the content of the “Declaration of Independence.”

Yes, it does have to do with those things, as well as our time to be grateful for the freedoms we do have, rather than worrying about what we do not have. But instead of focusing on the “negative” we should be focusing on the “positive,” right? Not necessarily! If you have been following along on this journey then you know that negative is a great thing, filled with opportunity.

Some people think that they should write a learning based digital product entitled something along the lines of “Method How to Be Happy in 3 Easy Steps” when they really should be writing “Method How to Stop Being so Dang Negative.”

Why? As you likely know, people take action based on fear of something. Stopping that fear is paramount to them. Whereas the path to happiness, is less interesting to people. Do not focus on happy. Focus on fear and how to get rid of it. Feeling nervous and afraid can lead to action, such as acquiring a learning-based product, faster.

Don’t Worry There Will Always be more Fear to Write About

The process of being alive is a treasure trove of negativity. Even so-called “happy people” are not actually happy all of the time. It is unlikely there will ever be a complete happiness state of being for any human.

The real secret is to enjoy the bounty of problems because there will always be people lining up to have them solved for them. And if you have a solution to a problem, and nobody else has the antidote, you have hit paydirt.

In other words, the person who has a solution that other purveyors of learning-based products do not, then you are lucky. Because if you are the only source, then customers will come to you. This only works of course if you have a “Method How” to get the message out regarding the solution to the people who need it.

The “Good News,” at least in terms of business is that once you solve the problem of getting rid of one fear, there are other problems popping up in the wings, ready for the curtain to open so they can step onto the stage of your website to purchase from you

Everything You Need to Know Can be Found in the United States of America

If you look at our fine country as of late, there is a lot of division. Guess what. Not a new thing. No. Not by a longshot. Both “sides” if you will, have proclaimed that they have the answer.

One side is selling the notion that you should “Just be happy.” While the other “side” claims that the truth is to “Just be negative.” Do you know which side is which?

It is a trick question actually, because both sides are both things. Hence, you cannot go wrong. Being happy about negative is a winner. Being negative about happy gets the award too.

Either way, if promoted carefully, both sides will purchase from you. Or, if walking the tightrope is not your thing you can always pick the side that is the hungriest for your solution and then go for it. Just be sure to digitally preserve it and fire up your eCommerce solution.