In a pivotal shift that promises to redefine the landscape of AI and human interface, the prominent AI advocacy group “Humanity’s AI Advocates” (HAA) has announced its strategic migration from to This move is seen as a necessary step in their pursuit of advancing the broader social implications of artificial intelligence. While this development has raised many questions and eyebrows in the tech world, the advocacy group asserts that the new platform,, will provide an enhanced and more focused engagement platform to promote the responsible use of artificial intelligence.

The group’s decision to move has been spurred by an evolutionary need to further the reach of their advocacy. As the group expands its objectives, there’s a necessity for a more dynamic and responsive platform that can accommodate its growing community of AI enthusiasts, developers, and users. is designed to do just that; it aims to streamline interaction, engagement, and knowledge sharing among the members of the group., which has been the home of HAA for several years, has built a strong reputation for promoting ethical AI practices. This has led to the establishment of the well-known “Ten Pillars of AI,” a framework that provides a comprehensive guide for creating and using AI in a socially responsible manner. It has always been seen as the bedrock of ethical AI practices and will continue to hold that prestigious position.

The HAA has assured its members and the broader AI community that while the shift to signifies a new chapter in their journey, it does not denote an abandonment of On the contrary, will continue to exist, providing valuable resources and serving as a repository of the founding principles of the group. This is in line with the group’s commitment to preserving the roots of ethical AI development. will remain the platform where the “Ten Pillars of AI” continue to reside, upholding its status as the keystone of AI ethics. It will serve as the cornerstone of reference for all discussions and developments related to AI ethics. Furthermore, will host educational materials and insightful articles about AI, enabling users to learn about the potential implications of AI developments.

This transition is an expansion of the group’s vision rather than a replacement of its core values. will expand on the base that has established. Its goal is to create a proactive platform for AI ethics discussion and development, reaching more people worldwide and contributing to an even larger conversation.

One crucial element in this transition is the increased interaction that will offer. The platform will provide a more dynamic and engaging interface, including advanced forums, live chat support, and collaborative project tools. These tools will allow the HAA to directly engage with their members and the broader AI community, promoting a shared understanding and development of ethical AI practices.

While is the new face of the HAA, will retain its importance as a fundamental reference point. It is the torch that has lit the path so far and will continue to guide the way. It’s the origin, the starting point of an essential dialogue about how AI should be designed and implemented.

As the group embarks on this new phase, it’s clear that their ultimate goal remains the same: to promote the responsible and ethical use of AI. This evolution from to is simply a part of the larger journey, ensuring the mission continues to adapt and remain relevant in the ever-changing landscape of artificial intelligence.

The “Humanity’s AI Advocates” will always be grounded in the principles that espoused. The move to is not about replacing, but expanding, elevating, and propelling the AI community to greater heights of understanding, cooperation, and ethical responsibility. The twin platforms will serve as a beacon, guiding the progress of artificial intelligence towards a future that benefits all of humanity.