“AI Do Good” by Creating Short Digital Books as the “Ask AI Guy” does

What is Meant by Starting to “AI Make Free App?”

It has to do with using processes such as making apps and more, to spread the word of “AI Do Good” which the “Ask AI Guy” is currently doing with his #61 AI Make Free App.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has shifted from being a mere technological marvel to a valuable instrument that can assist in solving some of humanity’s most pressing issues as explored at NYC AIM with the making of an app. The concept of “AI Do Good” refers to a growing movement within the AI field dedicated to using technology to bring about social good as seen earlier today at NYC Create.

It encapsulates an array of initiatives and projects that are designed to leverage AI to address problems like poverty, climate change, healthcare accessibility, and many more. The objective is not merely to advance AI for the sake of technological progression, but rather to use AI as a tool for the betterment of society as a whole.

“AI Do Good” is a philosophy, a call to action that urges researchers, developers, policymakers, and users of AI to reflect on the societal impact of their work. This practice is becoming a part of the process for artistic venues such as NYC Workshops.

It is also a reminder that while AI holds tremendous potential for improving our world, it also holds the potential to exacerbate inequality and other societal problems if not applied ethically and responsibly. The goal of “AI Do Good” is to harness the power of AI in a way that leads to the greatest social benefit.

One of the pioneers in this field is the platform “Ask AI Guy”. This innovative project aims to democratize the understanding and application of AI by providing accessible, engaging, and relevant content on a daily basis. The mechanism of operation is simple: when a person subscribes to the Ask AI Guy newsletter, they have the opportunity to submit questions about AI. These questions serve as the foundation for a digital short book written and published by the AI Guy each day.

The idea behind “Ask AI Guy” is to encourage public engagement with AI and to dispel the notion that AI is only accessible to tech elites or corporate giants. By answering questions submitted by subscribers in the form of short digital books, “Ask AI Guy” aims to create a more informed public, capable of making responsible decisions about AI’s role in society.

“Ask AI Guy” is not just about demystifying AI for the public. It’s also about using AI to foster positive change. Each digital short book serves as a platform for ideas on how to leverage AI for good, be it suggestions for AI-powered solutions to societal issues, discussions on AI ethics, or strategies for mitigating the risks of AI misuse.

By focusing on real questions from real people, “Ask AI Guy” is helping to drive the “AI Do Good” movement forward. Each book produced not only educates the public but also offers new perspectives on how to address societal challenges using AI. The potential for social impact is immense, as these books can inspire new projects, inform policy decisions, or simply spark meaningful conversations about the future of AI in society.

The success of the “Ask AI Guy” approach rests on the concept of daily engagement. By creating a new book each day, the platform ensures that the conversation about AI for good is ongoing. It also allows the discussion to evolve with the rapidly changing AI landscape, addressing new challenges and opportunities as they emerge.

“Ask AI Guy” also exemplifies the ethos of transparency and openness that is central to the “AI Do Good” philosophy. By soliciting questions from the public and answering them openly, the platform creates a sense of trust and cooperation. It invites everyone to participate in the conversation about AI, breaking down barriers and making the topic more accessible.

The role of “Ask AI Guy” in promoting “AI Do Good” cannot be underestimated. Its innovative approach of engaging with the public and providing daily insights into AI is creating a better-informed society, one that can actively participate in shaping the future of AI. By democratizing AI knowledge and fostering a culture of AI for good, “Ask AI Guy” is making significant strides towards a future where AI truly does good for all.

In conclusion, “AI Do Good!”